New Baby Snug-Fit Rabbit Hooded Rompers

New Baby Snug-Fit Rabbit Hooded Rompers

Get these snow wear hooded rompers for your new baby’s snug-fit. These perfectly fitting rompers are designed for maximum comfort for your new baby this fall. The collar hood ensures that the new baby is comfortable and shielded from harsh weather.

The rompers are made of cotton which helps to absorb temperature for maximum comfort this fall.

The new baby snug-fit rabbit hooded rompers are unisex. In addition, they are child-friendly as they have a cartoon pattern.

With a great variety of color to choose from: pink, brown, and gray-purple, these cozy new baby rabbit hooded rompers are simply irresistible!!

Elegant Retro Hip Floral Sneakers

Elegant Retro Hip Floral Sneakers

The Elegant Retro Hip Floral Sneakers are the BEST baby shoes pick in town for your fashionista! It has never been this affordable!  At an offer of 30% discount, you can now take these cute baby shoes to your girl. They are 100% brand new and high quality. The soft material on the baby shoes makes your baby feel very warm and comfortable. The anti-slip design keeps baby in safe.  The dual stretch lace and Velcro enclosure makes it easy for an easy on-off experience.  The floral design is handpicked for girls. These baby shoes are all season, and your girl can be sure to wear them for the fall as well as the summer. These cute floral baby shoes have taken care of different age ranges which include: 6T,21M,24M,8T,26M,28M,20M,35M,23M,3T,32M,5T,19M,31M,25M,30M,18M,27M,29M,7T,4T,34M,33M,22M. Do you love color? These baby shoes come in different colors such as white, pink and black.





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30 % discount on Cozy “Russell Westbrook” Sports Suit Fashion Hood

30 % discount on Cozy “Russell Westbrook” Sports Suit Fashion Hood


This Cozy “Russell Westbrook” Sports Suit Fashion Hood belongs to your Gentleman’s wardrobe this fall! No more to worry about his looks when indoors or outdoors. The suit comes in 3 pieces: A Hood, T-shirt and Pants. So Timeless!

These baby clothes are made of Cotton material which keeps the boy warm and comfortable.

The suit is full sleeved to keep him warm and elegant.

The outerwear is a beautiful hood to shield your baby boy from cold or harsh weather.

The pants are stripped and have a band which holds the clothes together and make them fit well. Also, they have a pocket where he can save up some change for his piggy bank after going for an eat-out.

The jackets are zippered which make it easy for your baby to slip in and out.

Looking for variety? The suit comes in blue, green, pink and grey colors.

Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Hi-Top Sneakers

Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Hi-Top Sneakers


They are the newest kids on the block!!

Introducing the Vintage ‘Florence Bloom’ Hi-Top Sneakers – baby shoes with a mix of vintage Renaissance and contemporary trendy fashion!

These unique baby shoes, a blend of Vintage and Floral accent on sport zip sneakers, will keep her closet colorful this fall.

The zip closure ensures that your baby is safe.

The insole and lining material for the baby shoes is cotton which is an extreme breathable that absorbs moisture, making the shoes very comfortable and sterilized.

The outsole material is rubber which allows for flexibility of your baby in these cute shoes. Also, they allow for the baby shoes to be water proof. No weather will get through the rubber soles allowing your girl to enjoy perfect comfort this fall.

They are available in Black, White and Pink colors.

Due to the unique design, we have limited sizing available for these cute baby shoes (6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5) –  so LOCK yours while still HOT!!





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Bathing the baby is a joyful encounter with your baby that many parents treasure. It’s a great time to bond, distraction-free, as your tiny new family member enjoys the sensation of warm water on their skin. However, this normal child-rearing custom frequently accompanies questions, and uneasiness, about when and how to do it well.

Here are some tips about oftentimes posed inquiries from guardians about points related to child shower timing, recurrence, wellbeing, and more. Moms consistently wonder about the perfect time for the infant’s shower, what is best for the child’s skin, what must be the temperature of the water, how to hold the infant and much more.

The First Time Your Baby Needs Bathing

There is a common ritual among us that the newborn baby should be bathed right after they were born. But the World Health Organization (WHO) does not comply with that. According to WHO- the first birth should be delayed 24hous or at least 6 hours from the time your baby first saw the light of the world.

Reasons why the first bathe of your baby should be delayed-

  • Infants who get baths right away are most likely to catch a cold and develop hypothermia.
  • Mother-child bonding and early breastfeeding success will be interrupted.
  • Vernix, a natural substance that coats a baby’s skin before birth, should be left for a while to prevent your baby’s skin from getting dry.

** According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the newborn baby should be bathed after the initial breastfeed if the mother of that child has any contagious disease. It will lower the risk of contamination to hospital staff and family members.

Moms Should Not Bathe Their Baby Regularly

An infant ought to be given a shower only a few times each week. However, it is essential that the private parts of the child are cleaned completely every now and then. The skin of the infant is delicate and touchy, which is the reason you should not go for a regular shower as it might remove fundamental sustenance. In many cases, the infant’s skin isn’t appropriately developed and still peeling. It is encouraged to bathe your baby every alternative day.

Full Bath vs. Sponge Bath

You should not give your baby a full bath until the stump of the umbilical cord falls off. Generally, it happens around eight weeks of age. A sponge bath is quite similar to full bath except you don’t put your baby in the water.

How to Give Your Baby a Sponge Bath

Prepare for bathing: Get everything at your hand’s distance. Have a bowl of water, a sodden washcloth rinsed in cleanser free water, a dry towel, and whatever else you may require before you start.

Placement of your baby: Lay your baby on a flat surface where there is no chance that your baby will fall off. A slightly padded changing table, bed, floor or counter will serve the purpose. Do not lay your baby on a bumpy or inclined surface. In an angled surface there is a huge risk that the water may get into your baby’s ears and nose. On the off chance that your infant is on a surface over the floor, utilize a safety belt or consistently keep one hand on her to prevent falls.

Wrap your baby: During the bathing time, keep your baby warm by wrapping them in a dry towel and reveal only the parts of her body you are actively washing.

A general tip: At first start washing the face with the dampened cloth. After that, you should dip the towel in the bowl of water before washing the rest of the body parts and, at last, the private zone.

When to Put Your Baby Directly in the Water

When the umbilical region is mended, you can have a go at setting your child directly in the water.

How to Give Your Baby a Regular Bath

Collect all that you need: Like the sponge bath, you should get all the materials you would require during bathing your baby. Ensure you additionally prep up the materials of post-shower like cream, oil, diaper, and garments.

Set the water temperature:  To begin with, fill your infant’s bath with tepid water. Test the temperature of the water within your wrist to guarantee that it’s not very hot.


Place your baby to the bathtub: When you’ve stripped your child, place her in the water quickly so she doesn’t get chilled. Utilize one of your hands to help her head and the other to direct her in. Immerge the feet first. While immersing the whole body, converse with her enthusiastically, and tenderly bring down the remainder of her body until she’s in the tub. The vast majority of her body and face ought to be well over the water level for security.

Washing Directions: Wash the entire body from top to bottom. Utilize a delicate fabric to wash your baby’s face and hair, being mindful so as not to scour or pull the skin. Back rub her whole scalp delicately, including the territory over her fontanels’. At the point when you rinse the shampoo from her head, cup your hand over her forehead so the suds run toward the sides, not at her eyes. In the event that some suds do get at her eyes, use the wet washcloth to wipe them with plain, tepid water.


The pre-bathing care: At the point when shower time is done, instantly fold a towel over your child’s head and body to assist her with remaining warm while she is as yet wet. Delicately make your infant dry and apply a limited quantity of scent-free, hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion directly after a shower to help avert dry skin or dermatitis.

You can alternatively use a bath seat instead of a traditional bathtub.  These bath seats can fit into the sink and you can conveniently bath your baby without any hassle. Check the incredible floral bath seat-

Incredibly Soft Baby Blooming Bath


The Blooming Bath is the most delightful and helpful approach to get your little one clean and fresh. A child tub seat is an extraordinary option in contrast to traditional baby bathtubs. This baby bath pad has a unique, cozy and adorable blossom design that cradles your baby as no other infant shower ring can. The cushioned material gives a padding impact and gives enough solace to your child while washing. Basically, plug the sink channel, embed the baby shower seat, and pool water to the ideal level and temperature. Keep your baby happy during bath time with this amazing bath seat.

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